Security Review

Security Review

We regularly do a more thorough in-depth security review on a quality sample of our hosted websites. This can also act an an indicator for any remedial work we would then undertake across all our hosted websites to keep out any specific threat or mitigate any found vulnerabilities.

If you would like to talk to us about increasing the regular security checks we do on your own website then please get in touch with us to discuss.


Security Blocks

(across 6 websites in 1 week)

Countries No of Blocks
United States 1759
Germany 968
Australia 520
Netherlands 330
Singapore 302
Italy 288
France 244
China 177
India 173
Turkey 136
United Kingdom 102
Ireland 73
Czech Republic 72
Russian Federation 49
Togo 48
Vietnam 34
Grand Total 5275

Blocked Login Attempts

(across 6 websites in 1 week)

Existing User All Login Attempts
No 174
Yes 31
Grand Total 205


Added: 22-06-22 @ 2:40pm

Security Review

Added: 06-06-22 @ 11:09am

WordPress Core and Plugin Updates

Added: 03-05-22 @ 3:23pm

Detected Potential Vulnerabilities

Added: 29-04-22 @ 2:45pm

Detected Potential Vulnerabilities

Added: 14-04-22 @ 3:26pm

Site vulnerabilities found

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